Egypt: Secret of five Gods

Egypt: Secret of five Gods

Egypt: Secret of five Gods is a strategy and time management game
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Egypt: Secret of five Gods is a strategy / time management game. Your goal is to rebuild Egypt after it has been destroyed by a sandstorm. Usually games of this type don't have a compelling storyline, and rely mostly on gameplay. This game, however offers both good gameplay and a pretty good storyline.

The game starts off by telling the story through a number of cut-scenes, which are very neatly designed. After that you can select a mission and begin the first level. There is no dedicated tutorial to teach you all the features at once. Instead, every new thing you will encounter on a level will be explained first. This basically means that the first few levels will act as a general tutorial, and after that you'll only get explanations when something new is introduced. There are no difficulty levels, but the stages do get progressively more difficult. Also there is a system that rewards you with achievements if you complete a level under a certain time.

The gameplay is very interesting and a lot of fun. Each level has a certain objective and of course there are a lot of obstacles that are meant to slow you down. You begin with a number of workers that can gather resources and smash through some obstacles. Only one worker can be used at one time on a specific action. Actions like destroying obstacles, building or fighting bandits require resources. Basically this means that you have to balance gathering resources with destroying obstacles and so on.

Another nice thing is that you have to be careful with which buildings you build. Some buildings will give you the possibility to get resources, others will give you an extra worker or other purpose units, like the Barracks create fighters to defeat the bandits. A nice aspect of the game is that you can build something and demolish it later, receiving most of the resources invested in it. This means that you really have to strategize, sometimes creating certain buildings early on and demolishing them later can be the only way to complete a level.

Egypt: Secret of five Gods is an overall good game, with nice artwork and sound effects and intelligent gameplay.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to play
  • Great artwork
  • Nice sound effects
  • Good graphics


  • Gameplay gets repetitive after a while
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